Rulebook Changes for 2019 Ride Year

New Rulebook for 2019. See changes below.


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Rulebook Changes for 2019 Ride Year

  • Section I under second paragraph, “Spirit of the Rules,” item 1. was changed to read, “All members are strongly encouraged to assist other riders/horses in need of help wherever possible.” This change was made to emphatically support the ideal that while we are competing, the safety and wellbeing of all participants are of utmost concern.
  • Section VIII, J2 A clarification that CDR miles are not included in the determination of the Mrs. MARY (Web) COLEMAN AWARD. (Rookie Rider)
  • Section VIII, L, 2, 2.4 A statement was inserted to describe the volunteer awards for those earning 1000 miles and more.
  • Section VIII, M. ECTRA YEAR-END MEDALLION AWARDS PROGRAM required some adjustments.
    • Under Middle Distance the mileage to be considered for a medallion was changed from “100 to 120 Miles (Best two rides to count) to “100 to 150…” This accommodates the possibilities of two 75 mile rides having been completed. The corresponding chart was updated to include these new distances.
    • Section VIII, M. A correction had to be made to the mileage referred to for Extended Distance from “180 to 200 Miles (Best two rides to count)” to “160 to 200 Miles…”. The corresponding chart already reflected these distances.