Ride Manager Information

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Refer to the ECTRA Rulebook – Sanctioning for information regarding the ride sanctioning process

Click HERE for the Ride Manager Reference Guide.  This is a work in progress – PLEASE contact us with any suggestions!!!!

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  • Ride/Drive evaluations are to be filled out AFTER the ride is completed, and riders/drivers have received their score sheets.
  • Make sure your entry form has a space for ECTRA rider and horse numbers. Make sure these numbers are ON the score sheets.
  • Collect all evaluation sheets at the ride and send to the person noted on each one.
  • Print out an ECTRA Rulebook prior to the ride.
  • Have extra ECTRA Membership applications on hand for non-members
  • Print out copies of the ECTRA flyer and post them at local tack shops/feed stores prior to the ride to attract new riders
  • Fill out the PROMOTION FORM and return to Jeannette Cole so she can assist with Ride Promotion!
  • Contact local newspapers (equine and regular!) to publicize the ride


  • Ride Packets may be obtained by contacting Linda Levitre at 413-320-7423 (Cell),  or via mail at 536 N Poland Rd, Conway, MA 01341
  • Once a ride has been sanctioned it is the responsibility of the ride manager or secretary to notify Linda for the number of score sheets needed for the ride.  Make sure there is plenty of time for mail delivery for score sheets, P&R slips, and tri-folds!
    • Please note that the number of horses listed on the sanctioning form will be used to determine how many score sheets you receive.  That number plus five (5) extra sets to serve as a cushion will be sent to you.
    • Please make sure, well in advance of your event, that you have sufficient score sheets.
      • Disregard any year printed on the score sheet as they are not updated annually.
    • Score sheets are printed on two-part, carbonless paper. Use one score sheet PER HORSE/PER JUDGE. This means you will need two scoresheets per horse.
    • The white/original will be submitted with the ride results, while the yellow/copy will be given to the rider after the ride.


FOLLOWING the event – send the following forms within SIXTEEN days!

CTR RESULTS SHEET within 16 days of the ride, email a copy of the sheet to each of the following:

Send the following to Jenny Kimberly 221 Esty Ln, Windsor, VT 05089:

  1. Score sheets- white copy only!
  2. Time sheets
    1. Start/Finish (or legal size Start/Finish)
    2. Hold (one per day)
  3. P/R Slips
    1.  Hold
    2.  Final
  4. Master P/R sheets:
    1. Master P&R 1 day sheet
    2. Master P&R 2/3 day sheet
  5. Hold vet sheet

NOTE: It is very important to return all timer, vet, and P&R sheets and slips, along with the score sheets, evaluations etc., so that if there are any discrepancies or problems, they can be resolved by studying the returned materials.

Drug Testing Fee should be sent to: Rebecca Wachtel, PO Box 179, Pipersville, PA 18947.  The fee is $2 for each horse that started the ride or drive (all distances). Mileage & Poins will be credited once the drug fee is received.

These additional forms should be emailed or mailed, as follows:

Accident Report: Rebecca Wachtel, PO Box 179, Pipersville, PA 18947

Driver Questionnaire: Jenny Kimberly 221 Esty Ln, Windsor, VT 05089,

ECTRA Rep. Form: Deborah Houghton

Ride/Drive Evaluations Form: Ben Fangman, 3018 Dublin Rd. Street, MD 21154. If you’d like to type the ride information in use the fillable form HERE!

Judge Evaluation Form: Nick Kohut, 5668 Lincoln Hills Drive, Gap, PA 17527,

Rev. 03/04/2024