Publicity Materials

Are you interested in helping publicize ECTRA?  Click HERE to download a flyer that can be printed out and hung up at the local feed store or tack shop to let people know a bit more about ECTRA.  When printed in black and white the background will appear white.

  • If you are willing to be contacted, PLEASE add your name to the flyer!
  • If you are advertising a specific ride add the ride name and contact information to the flyer!

ECTRA also has a brochure that can be printed out to be left at feed stores or tack shops or given to people who may be interested in our activities.  Click HERE to download this brochure.  This is designed to be printed in color but will also print in black and white.

Please contact Louise Lester with any suggestions for ECTRA publicity or if you need help crafting a press release for your ride!


This is a list of publications and other places you may want to contact to publicize ECTRA rides.  If you have any additions to this list please contact Sherry Morse and they will be added to it: