Updated May 2020. Click for rulebook changes for 2020.

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Rulebook Changes for 2020 Ride Year

• Section I. W. Specific Rules for Conditioning Distance Rides (CDR) and Drives (CDD) p.11. The rules for a CDR & CDD will essentially follow the rules of a standard Competitive Trail Ride (CTR). Scoring, trot out patterns and ride time will mirror a standard ride. If a pass/fail option is offered such CDR will essentially follow the rules of the pass/fail option for a CTR. Leg protection, a simple down and back trot out, no time penalty if time is within 30 minutes of minimum & maximum and an all in one final vetting. This is not all inclusive explanation of details. You do need to review the rules in the rulebook.

• Section I. Y. 5. Drug & Medication Rules p.12. The rules were updated by putting them into a list or outline format. Also the reference to the number of horses to be tested has been changed to read “The number of Competitive Events and horses per event to be tested each year shall be determined by the Drug Testing Committee based on the testing budget available.” And we changed the name of the committee to reflect the current one, “Drug Testing

• Section I. Z. Protection of Youth p.13. After careful review of the federal government’s Safer Sports Act, it was decided that our organization was not required to establish special training programs. However, each state already has laws in place that require and protect those that report abuse. This section was added to make sure anyone involved with our sport knows they have the legal responsibility to report such abuse as well as having a legal right to specific protection for making such report.

• Section VI. Sanctioning B. Types of Events ECTRA Will Sanction 1. Limited Distance p. 24. Limited Distance rides will cover one day events from 25 to 40 miles a day. Previously the limit was 50 miles. We don’t believe there have been any CTR’s of 50 miles in over 30 years.

• Section VIII Awards G. Junior Awards 1. Limited Distance p. 31. This was changed to reflect the maximum of 40 miles for 1 day rides as noted in VI.B.1.

• Section VIII Awards G. Junior Awards 2. Multi-Distance p. 31 Previously a Junior had to complete at least 2 multi-day rides. It now allows juniors who have only completed 1 multi-day ride to be included in awards for that distance.

• Section VIII. Awards H. Horse Awards Special 4. Rookie Horse Perpetual Award. p. 31. The definition of a Rookie horse has been clarified with a bit more detail.

• Section VIII. Awards J. Member Awards Special 2. Mrs. Mary Coleman (Web) Award. p. 31. The definition for a Rookie rider has been clarified with a bit more detail.

• Section IX. Point Schedules p. 34 Additional mileage combinations were added to the chart to make it easier to figure out points.

• E.C.T.R.A. By-Laws Article V Election of Officers & Directors. p. 36 Revision to permit ballots to be included in newsletter, not mailed; to not require a ballot vote if a board position or officer is uncontested (only 1 candidate per opening), and to permit electronic voting if the club chooses to do so.