Updated March 2021. Click for rulebook changes for 2021.

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Rulebook Changes for 2021 Ride Year

  • I.A.4 was added to explain Body Condition Score (BCS) and how it is used at the start of the ride when being vetted in. It has been added as an equine welfare precaution to a situation that rarely occurs at our competition.
  • V.A. illustrates the change to the score sheet for BCS and several other changes which mostly involve the information filled out by ride management on the top of the form. We did expand the 20 Minute Hold section to include one for the third day of a ride. Mileage patterns for many extended distance rides have changed. Most three day rides now have a hold on the third day. Traditionally, the last day of a 3 day ride was only 20 miles which does not require a hold.
  • A full page sample of the new scoresheet is now found on p. 43.
  • Removal of Star Rating. Star Rating was a special designation given to CTR’s that met a certain high standard and a timely return of all ride paperwork. This program has not been followed for several years due to changes in staffing. The only remaining part of Star Rating is Ride Evaluation sheets. These will continue to be used. We have removed items that referred to Star Rating in VI.D and VI.E and VIII.K.
  • VIII.E refers to Back Mileage. It has been updated to reflect a few management changes and that we no longer charge a fee. It can only be used for the specific purpose of getting mileage and credit for awards in the same year of the competition while you or your horse were not registered as members of ECTRA.

And that summarizes the changes for this year. I would suggest you print a copy of the 2021 Handbook or be able to access it easily. You can download a copy from ECTRA.org. You may also send emails to the Board with any questions.