2021 ECTRA Ride Season

Once again due to the pandemic the ECTRA Board will be limiting awards for 2021 to Volunteer and Rider/Horse mileage milestones. No versatility, rookies, junior, medallions, endurance or top ten awards. 

The rides will be run as they were in 2020 for as long as COVID restrictions exist. ECTRA will only recognize a pass or fail designation. Ride scores will not be used by ECTRA for any purpose this year. Ride management may use a Pass/Fail format without offering the standard judging format. ECTRA encourages the use of the Pass/Fail format as it may reduce possible COVID exposure. 

The sanctioning of any CTR requires submission of specific items as described in the 2021 Sanctioning Criteria. These items along with the usual sanctioning requirements will be reviewed by the sanctioning director and panel appointed from the Board.  Please submit questions about sanctioning to our Sanctioning Director, Lucha Malato. Other questions about the ride season may be submitted to board members.