2018 Mileage Totals

You’ve all been waiting for them and here they are – Horse and Rider/Driver Mileage Totals for 2018:


2018 Horse Mileage 0 194 downloads


2018 Rider/Driver Mileage 0 214 downloads


Training Ride Mileage in the Time of the Corona Virus

We are all disappointed that our rides are being cancelled because of COVID-19, but we also realize that many of you are still able to get out there and train, hoping for this thing to pass and the rides to be back on schedule. In the meantime we are offering a little something to keep us all motivated and riding – an online mileage program for training rides.

  1. All riders must be members of ECTRA and their horses must be registered as well.
  2. Anyone wishing to participate must register by email ahead of time by sending their ECTRA# and their horse(s)’s ECTRA numbers to Jim Theurer.
  3. Mileage will be recorded per horse if rider rides more than one horse.
  4. Rides must be done in a single day.
  5. Rides must be verified by GPS or other ride app that records distance and time.
  6. Ride records must be emailed to Jim Theurer.
  7. Rides can be from 10 to 25 miles and must average 15 minute miles or better.
  8. Rides do not count for points or official mileage.
  9. We will total mileage separately for this program.
  10. This program will start April 1 and end when ECTRA determines it is no longer needed.

Again, this is just for fun but we will post total miles at the end of the program.


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic the following rides have been cancelled as of 3/28/2020 – Foxcatcher, Cheshire and NJ100+. The following rides are postponed until further notice: Spring Chesapeake and Old Dominion No Frills. The following ride may be cancelled but a decision will be made by the end of April: NY Adventure.


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic the following rides have been cancelled as of 3/14/2020 – Rabbit Run, Bunny Hop, VERDA March Meltdown and Foxcatcher. If there are further cancellations we will let you know.

John Lyttle

ECTRA is sad to share the news of the passing of John Lyttle on February 2, 2020. A Celebration of John’s life will be held at noon on February 8th in Berryville, VA.  Full information can be found can be found HERE.

Award Emails Have Been Sent!

If you’re a 2019 award winner you should have received an email with a listing of what award(s) you earned last year.  If you are not able to attend the awards banquet you will need to inform the awards committee who will pick up your award as mailing is not an option.

Winter Get-A-Way

Coming up Feb 21 – 23 at the Holiday Inn Harrisburg-Grantville. Hotel deadline extended to 1/27/2020!

Featured Speakers: Dr. Lynne M.A. Miller Johnson and Kathleen Crandall Ph.D from Kentucky Equine Research

For Information and Registration form click HERE!