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ECTRA Board Meeting

Monday, April 8, at 7:00 p.m.  All ECTRA members are welcome to attend.  The Zoom link can be obtained from Carolyn Blocker.

AGENDA for Directors’ Meeting

Monday, April 8, 2024 at 7:00 pm  ZOOM

  1. Call to order
  2. Review and approval of Minutes March 11, 2024 – Diana Murphy
  3. Continued Treasurers Report for 1st Quarter – Megan Meldrum
  4. Old Business:
  5. Continuation of discussion to allow standalone CDR’s along with multi-day rides if the mileage is 20 miles of the total 80+ miles. – Sara Lareau; Jenny Kimberly; John Stacey (expected time for 20 miles 3:30 to 4:00) 

Note: Rule book VI SANCTOINING B.5 EXPERIMENTAL – ECTRA board members, riders, drivers, manager and judges from time to time may come up with new ideas for a type of event or new judging ideas.  These ideas may be presented to the BOD, in writing, for approval.  If approved, the event MAY BE conditionally sanctioned by ECTRA for mileage credit only.  A complete report is to be made after the event and handed into the BOD for evaluation. (Therefore GMHA needs to submit their written proposal for a 20 mile CDR to the BOD prior to their 2024 event.

  1. Continuation of consideration for having an ECTRA Ride Manager Grant to help cover any veterinarian expense.

“Only ride managers that are ECTRA members may apply for this grant and the ride must be an ECTRA sanctioned ride and appear in the list of events in the ECTRA newsletter and website.  Each individual grant is $100.  Only 5 rides will be awarded grants annually.  The application must be signed by the Ride Manager and returned to the ECTRA board 60 days prior to or after the ride.

  1. Continuation of discussion whether riders can get lifetime mileage credit for ridden Clinic participation, concerns expressed regarding how this would work because lifetime mileage is only earned via a sanctioned ride, standalone CDR’s are not permitted per rule book. – Jeanette Cole, Diana Murphy

Rule Book Article VI Clinics states no mileage credit for clinic participation.  Diana Murphy proposed if a rider participates in a ridden ECTRA sanctioned clinic that they be issued a certificate for a set amount of miles that could be redeemed for those miles if the rider becomes an ECTA member during that competitions year.  This would be a one time only offer.   Diana will write up a proposal to present at the March 2024 meeting.

  1. Membership questions and comments.
  2. Adjourn






If you haven’t sent in your reservation(s) please do so now.  The registration form, which you can find

on the ECTRA web page will give you information about the weekend which includes 3 phenomenal


Lara Worden, a competitor and authority on horse nutrition, parasite control, and pasture management. 

Patrick Reilly, Chief of Farrier Services at the University of Pennsylvania who can give us information on

the ways to give your horse the best of care for its feet.

Sara Schick, an endurance competitor as well as a competitive runner and swimmer who can speak on

conditioning for you and your horse.


Also happening a used tack table, trade show, door prizes, 50/50, Silent Auction which includes 20+ ride

entries, Friday board meeting and “meet & greet, ECTRA annual meeting, banquet, and awards



For more information:  Char Jewell,  or 207-510-0541


ECTRA Board Meeting

The next ECTRA board meeting is planned for January 8th at 7pm EST via Zoom.  For more information on attending please contact Carolyn Blocker

ECTRA Newsletter

ECTRA’s Newsletter has been reformatted following the passing of longtime editor Judy Lorimer earlier this year.  You can read the new version of the newsletter for December 2023 HERE!

Ride Results – 2nd Half of 2023

These are the results as submitted by the RM or RS. There are missing and incorrect ECTRA numbers, which are being corrected on the Master Spreadsheet. The majority of rides listed are ECTRA. Quite a few AERC ride results have not been submitted so we must download from AERC, format the results and look up the ECTRA #’S, which takes time. Please review the results HERE and submit corrections using:
Please contact Beth Sheldon with questions. 

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